Truck Art Project

Santander, 2016
An astonishing network of art in motion.
A fleet of 100 trucks, following their habitual commercial routes all over Spain, will serve as the backdrop or canvas for different artists from the contemporary scene.
Some of the trucks involved will be used to exhibit works of art in their interiors, converted into itinerant galleries that will open their doors to the public, and to bring the most current art to people in places where this type of cultural event isn’t usually offered.

Andi has been drawing his whole life, and started doing it professionally in 2001, alternating between creative projects and personal works, and working in advertising, design, exhibitions and animation. From time to time he gathers with friends and paints in the street. As a designer he has received numerous important commissions, and today he works internationally for packaging, mural and video projects. His work has been shown in exhibitions at the CAAC Seville, Maus Málaga, Glastonbury Music Festival, Museo de la Comunidad de Madrid, and Caja San Fernando, among others.
Drawing is the common thread, the glue that holds together such disparate activities. If he puts color in his drawings it becomes painting, if he gives it volume it becomes sculpture, and if he gives it sequence it becomes film. Drawing is his point of departure, the basic key to concept and form. Technique does the rest.

(from the catalogue “Truck Art Project” Madrid. 2022)