Glastonbury Festival 2015.
Corporate brand, murals and design for this Glastonbury venue.
Shangri-La is the after-hours epicentre of Glastonbury Festival, a largely indescribable,
ephemeral and interactive world that really comes to life after dark.

Collaboration with Kaye Dunnings, art concept / producer.
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Unique among festivals, Shangri-la has a central narrative that pins it all together, it evolves year by year (a bit like Star Wars).
All contributors respond to this narrative, and add to it via their installations, venues and performances.
When it all comes together on site the audience have a wholly immersive world to become lost in with a myriad of places to explore.

Exploration and discovery is an important aspect of Shangri-la.
A maze of covered alleys is riddled with nano-venues, performers and installations, artworks and hidden doors.



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