Book of faces.
Drawings on paper ( 50X70 cm ) + experimental video, 1:26". Madrid 2010.

Drawings on paper ( 50X70 cm )
+ experimental video,
1:26". Madrid 2010.

This project starts by a chance. While reviewing old sketch books where I used to sketch ideas, random drawings. Among them I found a very good selection of "faces sketches" , automatically generated, I mean drawing without thinking. Mysterious characters from nowhere,sometimes in one piece and sometimes falling apart, sometimes as mutations or shapeshifting.I realised while drawing automatically, following the ink line mark on my notebook, this random lines brought me into portrait shapes, I mean characters.

A portrait always try to reach the same point: not only the shape of a person but its psyche. A portrait is an image of a space that reflect the otherself, a notime or space mirrow. A cartoon dramatize and simplify the same psyche, being figurative anyway. When I am drawing I manipulate these shapes and then fun starts. Some time this manipulations are materic and another times abstracts or graphic. Breaking through surface armony and shape in a threatening being by its own undefinition, identity dispersion.
Shapeshifting proccess find beautiful abstract moments which means a liberation of forms out of meanings or references.

Creating for moments an non illustrative but a sensitive drawing. This is the main idea on this proyect.Metamorphosys is the meaning of change itself, the important issue is not the result but the proccess.

Evolution is a coherent history of these changes. Maybe that is why is recurrent issue in my automatic drawing notebook.

This project is formed by a sellection from that notebook.

Featured in the exibition Region 0 The Latino Video Art Festival of New York.
King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center at NYU



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